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December 25, 2022

Jocko Willink: How to Become Resilient, Forge Your Identity & Lead Others

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My guest is Jocko Willink, a retired Navy SEAL officer and author of multiple books on effective leadership and teamwork, self-discipline and mindset, and host of the Jocko Podcast. We discuss how people can build and sculpt their identity and psychology through specific mindsets and actions and how to adapt the self to novel and challenging situations, using specific daily routines. We consider how “energy” actually stems from physical action and describe practical tools and scientific mechanisms for leveraging exercise, cold exposure, nutrition, fasting, hydration, sunlight, mindset and music to make us feel more energized and what that, in turn, does for our life. Jocko explains how discipline and specific daily routines allow for productivity and creativity. And we discuss the qualities of successful leaders, including how to build confidence and real bonds when working with a team or family/friends. Jocko describes a particularly powerful tool of using perspective shifts to allow for ‘detachment’- as a unique way to identify novel solutions to problems. We also discuss the power of early developmental narratives and how experiences of friendship, love, connection and loss can serve as pillars for making us better human beings in all aspects of life. Our conversation covers a wide range of topics, including mental health, physical health and performance, and provides actionable tools that anyone, regardless of age or profession, can apply to live a more effective and meaningful life.


About this Guest

Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL officer and author of multiple books on effective leadership and teamwork, self-discipline and mindset, and host of the Jocko Podcast.

  • 00:00:00 Jocko Willink
  • 00:03:50 Maui Nui Venison, Eight Sleep, LMNT, Momentous
  • 00:08:42 Sense of Self, Discovery & Autonomy
  • 00:19:11 Mindsets in the Military: Garrison vs. Combat
  • 00:25:02 Military Divisions
  • 00:29:34 Daily Workouts & Discipline
  • 00:35:39 AG1 (Athletic Greens)
  • 00:36:53 Energy & Movement, Cortisol, Nutrition
  • 00:52:10 Exercise & Energy, Deliberate Cold Exposure
  • 00:59:05 Win vs. Loss Mindset, Leadership, Action & Energy
  • 01:12:07 InsideTracker
  • 01:13:11 Confidence, Generators vs. Projectors, Family
  • 01:24:01 Restoring Motivation: Social Connection & Play
  • 01:32:44 Self-Identity & Context, Alcohol, Music, Dopamine
  • 01:45:10 Motivation Sources & Recovering from Loss
  • 01:54:05 Suicide, Navy SEALs, Social Contagion
  • 02:09:00 Suicide, Alcohol, Positive Action
  • 02:15:03 Meditation, Detachment
  • 02:20:30 Adaptability & Opportunities, Navy SEALs
  • 02:30:43 Ambition & Love, Likeability, Leadership
  • 02:40:18 Building Teams, Detachment, Family
  • 02:50:20 Detachment: Problems & Perspective
  • 02:55:55 Tools: Strategies to Detach from Situation
  • 03:08:31 Tool: Situational Awareness & Detachment
  • 03:17:49 Social Media, Personal Flaws
  • 03:23:01 Falling Asleep & Detachment
  • 03:27:02 Resilience Calibration, Navy SEAL Training & Combat
  • 03:39:16 Deliberate Discomfort & Mental Resilience
  • 03:42:21 People & Animals, Personalities
  • 03:51:25 Political Leadership & Military, Social Media
  • 04:01:38 Zero-Cost Support, YouTube Feedback, Spotify & Apple Reviews, Sponsors, Momentous, Neural Network Newsletter, Social Media

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